• This shall serve as contract upon signing of conforme; 
  • A payment of 100% upon project approval and before the start of the project. Balance payable monthly Net30 days.
  • Payment shall be in the form of Cash or Check. If payment is not received on time, work will be temporarily stopped.
  • A late interest rate of 5% of the outstanding balance will be collected if any invoiced amount is not received by us by the due date.
  • Adjustment or alterations in the project which is not reflected in this price quotation shall have an additional and/or separate billing;


  • Customers pay a cancellation fee equal to 50% of any unpaid portion of the Service Fee.


  • The agreement continues indefinitely after the initial term unless a party provides notice of renewal or termination

This official proposal, sales order and invoice from EmergeLocal, Inc. (Emerge) is linked to the Management Services contract called "EMERGE MANAGEMENT SERVICES AGREEMENT" to be found here: https://www.emerge.com.ph/r/mgmt-contract and Website Design & Development contract called "EMERGE WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT" to be found here: https://www.emerge.com.ph/r/website-contract. When accepting this proposal the contract is considered as read and agreed upon. All sales are final. Any Country specific Tax, Surcharge or any other deduction in the name of Withholding Tax has to be shoulder by Client.